Anti-Phishing / Spam Filtering

The most common vector for malware outbreaks, social engineering/phishing, and outside reconnaissance attacks is through e-mail. E-mail has been ubiquitous with every day business transactions and even business approval processes, and unfortunately, it only takes one mis-click to put your organization at risk.

This is where your typical e-mail spam filtering doesn’t provide adequate protection. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection brings your e-mail filtering to a machine learning platform that actively scans incoming e-mails for any known exploits or unsafe links and block access. O365 ATP comes with pre-configurable anti-phishing policies and Data loss prevention (DLP) policies that can be easily applied to target, critical employees or organization wide.

Not in Exchange Online? Not a problem, Office 365 ATP can be used as your front end spam filtering tool and integrate into the rest of the Office 365 landscape!

Cyber Security Assessment from Giga-Green Technologies

Giga-Green has created a self-service cyber security assessment you can use to gauge your organizations level of cyber security preparedness:

Cyber Security Assessment from Giga-Green Technologies