Information Security is becoming an ever more important component of everyday business. While organizations may focus on the easy to identify risks, any organization using the internet or has public-facing components are exposed to countless cyber threats at any given moment.

While Enterprise organization have been playing security catch-up for the last several years and are aware of the importance of information security, Small businesses (SMB) are a more frequent target for hackers and social engineering. Cyber security is constant and diligent battle that requires dedicated resources to maintain proper mitigation in place for new threats and exploits. Giga-Green aims to bring the same security solutions that the Enterprise sector has been accustomed to, to an affordable solution to SMB organizations.

Anti-phishing / spam filtering

Is organization getting inundated with spam? We can help you reduce the amount of spam getting to your user’s mailboxes without blocking important email by accident. The Giga-Green team has extensive experience with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 Advanced threat Protection, as well as a host of other spam solutions.

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Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication is the single most important step that you can take to secure your company data. Giga-Green can help you implement MFA wherever possible to secure your company.

Please, please, please consider implementing MFA. Even if you work with a competitor, it is the single most important step you can take.

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Formerly Enterprise Mobility and Security, EM+S is a suite of security and management products. Our technicians can help you implement cloud identity, multi-factor authentication, conditional access, mobile device management, data protection, document tracking, and Advanced Threat Protection.

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Vulnerability Assessments

Would you like to know where you stand from an IT security perspective? Giga-Green offers both internal and external vulnerability assessments to help you better understand where you can make improvements.

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Information Protection

Protecting client data and maintaining their trust is a key requirement of all organizations. That is why Giga-Green is so proud of our information protection practice. Giga-Green can help you set up policies to protect and encrypt you documents and email.

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Deploying anti-virus and ensuring that virus definitions are kept up-to-date is a key part of information protection. Giga-Green can help you deploy your preferred anti-virus solution or help you enable Windows Defender on the Windows platform, and keep virus definitions us to date. We also consulting on anti-virus for macOS.

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