2019 will begin next week and with a New Year, comes new goals. While everyone tends to focus on their individual resolutions, we want to remind everyone, that businesses can have New Year resolutions too!

Most organizations are planning 2019 sales, growth, revenue, and budget numbers, but may not have taken a look at the infrastructure that will support these new changes. It is quite possible that there are underlying and foundational problems that will outright stop the growth that organizations are looking to achieve.

Simultaneously, cyber threats are constantly on the rise with new exploits being developed every day. With these important ideas in mind, I want to share Giga-Green’s resolutions to overcome these roadblocks and secure your workforce.

  1. Stressing the importance of routine maintenance – This is a topic we often have customer’s ask about and then avoid completely. Regular server updates and maintenance are crucial for detecting problems early and resolving them before they become costly. Don’t ignore flashing red lights, error messages, or limp along with hardware known to be failing. It causes unneeded day to day stress on your employees as they are often interrupted during the most inconvenient times.

  2. Consolidating and minimizing business tools – This may seem a bit of an anti-resolution, to use less, but often less is more. We see this with just about every organization we come across. The lack of standardization across an organization leads to confusion on how different branches communicate and collaborate. Larger organizations undergo these types of consolidations routinely with new acquisitions. Start with an inventory of the solutions in place and look for how they may be redundant. This will illustrate which applications fulfill niche, specific businesses need and if they can be merged to more common business practices.

  3. Layered Security – Unfortunately, there is no such things as a ‘secure’ IT infrastructure. It is a constant effort to harden an environment from known and unknown exploits. This is an organization wide commitment that has to be led by IT staff. While the IT department leads the charge, it takes diligence on every employee’s part to protect an organization from outside threats. The first layer of security should be protecting your workforce, often with cyber security training and workshops on proper escalation procedures. From there, more layers of security should be assessed and added, but without the knowledge of what to look for, you are one phishy e-mail away from starting 2019 off on the wrong foot.

  4. Our final New Year’s resolution is to expand our social media outreach and blog posting to help bring helpful security content and alerts to our customers. Also look for our new website refresh with brand new offers! We want 2019 to be as safe and productive as possible!

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