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Running an organization of any size without email is impossible. And let’s face it, Outlook is the world’s most popular CRM! That is why Giga-Green technologies takes pride in providing high quality Exchange consulting.

E-mail hosting is the most often the entry point into Office 365 because of Exchange Online’s superior e-mail functionality and expansive capabilities along with minimal costs. This has led Giga-Green to migrated countless e-mail accounts to Exchange Online by customer choice and demand. With built-in spam protection, it is an instant two for one e-mail solution with features that act as a front line of defense against cyber threats.

E-mail isn’t the only thing Office 365 excels at. The platform is designed to be a collaboration space for business units and teams of any size. SharePoint Online is the perfect replacement to any traditional file server or replacements to the expensive alternatives of Dropbox/box. SharePoint allows your workers to share documents internally and externally while offering co-authoring capabilities for simultaneous document collaboration. Giga-Green has developed SharePoint to solve various problems including custom ticketing solutions, shared time-off and event calendars, secure document repositories, intranet systems with departmental access, and customized workflows to meet unique business challenges.

What is Microsoft Exchange?

Exchange online is an incredibly powerful e-mail platform that’s able to scale to any organizational need. Toting a 99.9% uptime, Exchange Online is quickly becoming the new standard in hosted e-mail solutions. Part of the Office 365 suite, it is a natural add to your Office Suite licensing. E-mail encryption is also available for those looking to transfer e-mail securely.

What Giga-Green offers


One of the most important steps in setting up a new business is enterprise-grade, branded email. Thankfully you don’t have to pay an enterprise-grade price for it any more.

Our Exchange consultants will have you up and running with enterprise-grade branded email in no time!


Giga-Green Exchange consultants have migrated thousands of mailboxes. As a result we can can plan, proof of concept, test, and execute your migration.

Advanced configuration

Custom mailflow rules

Looking to implement a warning letting your users know that an email has come from an external sender? Or maybe block a troublesome domain? Our Exchange consultants can set up customized rules to protect your users and increase their productivity.

Here are some examples of Exchange mailflow rules we have created for customers recently:

  • External sender warning message
  • Group-based restriction of sending / receiving email
  • Add a confidentiality disclaimer to the end of your user’s emails

Spam filter & anti-phishing configuration

Too many spam emails making it into your users inbox; or are important email from important people going to your users spam folder? Giga-Green solution architects can help you fine tune your spam detection so that email goes where it is supposed to go.

* insert cliche joke about clicking the link * If you need help preventing your users from clicking the link we are here to help!

Enhanced security

Important company data is stored in Exchange and your users email apps. Therefore it is important to include Exchange in your broader security posture.

We can help you configure email encryption and data loss prevention settings that will protect your organization’s data from internal threats.


Configure auto-licensing

With Azure Active Directory Connect and Azure Active Directory Plan 1 we can set up auto-licensing of new users for your organization.

This streamlines the addition of new users and frees up IT staff to work on more important things.

Batch email address changes

If you are experiencing a merger or divestment that require wide scale configuration of your Exchange environment Giga-Green Exchange consultants can make those changes for you quickly and easily!

Batch email alias changes

From time to time you may need to update the proxy addresses of more than a handful of users. For example, a school at the beginning of the school year. When that happens our Exchange consultants can make those changes quickly and hassle free. That way your staff does not get stuck manually updating records when they could be working on more important and less monotonous tasks.

Our credentials

Giga-Green has earned Microsoft’s Gold Productivity competency. This competency is awarded to Microsoft Partners that are actively supporting more than 4,000 Office 365 users and have demonstrated knowledge of the solution through Microsoft exams.

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