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Microsoft 365 is the last subscription from Microsoft your organization will ever need. It combines Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security into one affordable package.

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What is Microsoft 365?

Office 365

Office 365 combines Microsoft’s Office Suite with Microsoft’s online services (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, etc.). This powerful combination gives your organization a secure, productive, and mobile workplace.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most advanced operating system yet. To enumerate, the newest OS features biometric authorization, built-in anti-virus, malware protection, and drive encryption.


Formerly Enterprise Mobility and Security, EM+S is a suite of security and management products. In short, these products provide advanced identity protection and management. To do this, they offer cloud-based endpoint management, information security, and advanced threat protection.


Intune is a cloud-based endpoint management platform for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. This provides powerful tools for end-users and IT. Moreover, these tools help manage and automate maintenance for the organization and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) devices.

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is an enterprise identity service that provides single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication is probably the single most important cyber security threat protection you can implement.

Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection provides document and file protection. From the IT to the end-user, the organization can classify and protect data wherever it goes. Further, there are sharing controls that allow viewing and editing files, but not printing or forwarding.

Benefits of Microsoft 365

Streamlined IT

By combining your productivity software, OS, and endpoint management into a single platform, you streamline a large chunk of your IT environment. Consequently, this streamlining pays off by reducing the amount of reconciling your IT department needs to do each month.

Unified platform

Microsoft 365 is more than just a product bundle; it is a unified platform. The various components are designed as an integrated platform and products ship with built-in integrations from day one. As a result, your organization will spend less time trying to figure out how to piecemeal various vendors into a workable solution.


At the end of the day, Microsoft 365 is a security product. Thus, It takes the productivity features and services that members of your organization need to do their job, and wraps them in a security blanket. In short, this blanket consists of multi-factor authentication, data protection, and AI-powered advanced threat protection.

Bundle pricing

It is a lot easier to get buy-in for an IT initiative when the price is right, and you can show positive ROI. Thankfully, Microsoft 365 gives you the benefit of bundle pricing. Depending on the Microsoft subscriptions that your organization already has, you may be able to save money by bundling. In addition to access to valuable services for a lower price.

What Giga-Green offers

Giga-Green has received Microsoft’s Gold Productivity, Silver Windows and Devices, and Silver Enterprise Mobility Management competencies. Consequently, we have expertise in the three key components of Microsoft 365.

Deployment & implementation

Chances are that you are using one or more components of Microsoft 365 already. However, that makes the move to Microsoft 365 both easier and more difficult. Giga-Green can help you plan your move so you are able to take advantage of the platform quickly and minimize complications.

Subscriptions & support

Giga-Green is a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Hence, we have transacted thousands of Microsoft cloud subscription licenses. Finally, our Microsoft licensing specialists will help you determine which subscriptions you need to empower all members of your organization at the lowest cost.


Giga-Green has migrated thousands of Office 365 users over the years. We also have experience transitioning from non-Microsoft identity solutions to Azure Active Directory. Most importantly, we will plan and execute your migration with little or no downtime.

Security consulting

Microsoft 365 includes some of the most powerful security features on the market. In addition, there are significant gains from a unique combination of Office 365, Windows 10, and EM+S. As a result, we will help you put the pieces together for a secure and productive IT environment.

Automation consulting

The combination of Windows 10 and EM+S give your organization a plethora of opportunities to automate IT operations. Therefore, we will use these tools to save your IT department valuable time and energy.


Not looking for consultants? The technicians at Giga-Green are experienced instructors. We can provide end-user training for users outside of the IT department on the use of Microsoft 365. As well as training for members of your IT department on the administration of Microsoft 365.

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