Do you have a plan to manage and secure data across all those devices cell phones, tablets, computers, kiosks, and numerous other devices prevalent in your organization. Microsoft’s Intune brings Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, and PC management all into one easy to manage console.

Giga-Green has implemented Intune and the entire Enterprise Mobility + Security suite for organizations ranging in sizes from 5 to 13,000 end users. Intune offers the flexibility to maintain a productive workforce while providing security controls to ensure that your data is protected. Intune can be combined with System Center Configuration Manager to create a co-managed environment.

Intune supports iOS, Android, and of course, Windows based devices. Enrolling a device in Intune gives administrators the ability to automatically provision the necessary end user software and device settings your organization deems fit. Intune can be used alongside personal devices to manage access to critical company data through Conditional Access policies and device use restrictions. Intune is perfect to build and leverage an organization wide bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program that allows for mobile worker secure access.

Manage Devices

Intune offers two approaches to device management. You can “enroll” organization owned devices and take full control of these devices. Personally owned devices, or bring-your-own-devices (BYOD), can also be enrolled. Or you can use app protection policies to protect organization data within organization applications such as Outlook or Teams.

When a device is enrolled and managed by Intune, administrators can enforce device management policies, deploy certificates for WiFi/VPN/etc., control device features and hardware (e.g. disable the camera), domain join Windows 10 devices, and much more.

Manage Applications

The goal of mobile application management (MAM) is to protect organization data at the application level. These policies can be applied to both organization-owned and personal devices. With the ability to selectively wipe organization data from an application.

Organization data is isolated from personal data, and additional security can be added. You can prevent users from copy and pasting, saving, or even viewing organization data.

Compliance and conditional access

Intune allows you to see all of the managed devices within your organization, from there you can create compliance policies to ensure that devices meet your security and health standards. These compliance policies can be either organization-wide or platform specific.

You define the rules and Intune provides you detailed reporting about the compliance of devices within your organization.

When combined with Intune, Azure Active Directory becomes a powerful conditional access tool. You can restrict access to organization resources from devices which do not meet your compliance standards.

The benefits of Intune

Silo data—in a good way

When an application is managed by the organization, it’s data is siloed from other data on the phone. Administrators can restrict actions such as copy and paste within managed applications, preventing data from being mixed or lost. Or when necessary, all organization data can be selectively wiped from a managed application.

Remote application deployment

Intune allows you to push the installation of specific applications remotely to managed devices. In the case of un-managed personal devices you can allow users to download devices through the “Company Portal” application.

Remote data wipe

Depending on the level of management on a specific device, you can remotely wipe organization data within specific applications. Or you can remotely wipe and return to factory settings a managed device.

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD)

Whether you simply want to allow employees to securely access their organization email on a personal device or allow employees to bring their own device to work, Intune has a solution for you.

What Giga-Green offers


The Giga-Green team are experts at using Intune to its full potential. We are elbow deep in Microsoft Docs and the Intune management console every day. We can help you enroll your organizations devices and navigate the platform nuances. As well as translate the cryptic descriptions next to the toggle.

Best practices

Intune changes constantly to keep up with all of the latest and greatest technology. We can help you keep your Intune policies up to date with the latest features and security best practices.


Run into a problem? We can help you get Intune working how you want it to.

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