Hosted Desktops

Giga-Green provides several hosted desktop solutions to fit your organization’s needs.

Common problems solved by hosted desktops:

1. Security

Looking to secure an application? Host it in a remote desktop environment that is only accessible from your internal network.

Want to secure access to an application but retain encrypted communications? Remote Desktop Services can implement the latest in SSL to secure your remote connection to the application.

Using hosted desktop solutions your data in kept on your servers, even if your employees need to access it from remote locations.

2. Performance

Because the virtual machine (VM) hosting your desktop is running on a server you can provide high performance computing without the need to upgrade the local device.

Another performance aspect that is solved by hosted desktops is the ability to scale performance up or down when users need it most. Perhaps you have a particular user that only needs a high performance machine to run a process once or twice a month. Rather than buying an expansive desktop that goes to waste 95% of the time you can scale up their VM for a few days a month while they run those resource intensive processes.

3. Scalability

Again, because the VM is running on a server you have a lot more options to scale. You can spin up/down dedicated VMs or created shared resource pools. The key is to identify which users need dedicated performance versus shared. With these options you can scale much more easily than trying to swap devices around until everyone has the right laptop or work station.

4. OpX vs. CapX

Because hosted desktops are VM that can be run in the cloud, you can convert significant portions of your CapX hardware costs to monthly operational expenses. You will still need devices for users to access their hosted desktop, but the hardware performance requirements are significantly lower.

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

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