Going Serverless

Are you looking at replacing your aging server? Or looking to upgrade your existing server? Have you considered ‘Going Serverless’ but not sure how? Giga-Green Technologies can make physical infrastructure a thing of the past!

We take a unique blend of software tools to move your organization to a scalable, long-term, pay-as-you-grow environment.

If you are ready to remove costly and bulky server equipment from your business offices, then we can assist! Giga-Green analyses your environment for solutions currently in use and map those needs to respective cloud services. We take a phased migration approach to move your workloads to a solution that is right for your business. Often, we are able to consolidate solutions and reduce the number of software solutions that an organization needs. Not sure how to retire something? Just ask Giga!

The computer cloud has continuously grown to fulfill needs of all sizes. Server infrastructure is no longer sized for small and medium business, but rather mass datacenter compute power. The cost effectiveness and endless expansion of cloud based solutions makes it the clear winner in SMB organizations.

How its done

At Giga-Green Technologies, we utilize a combination of cloud tools including Azure, AWS, Office 365, and add-on solutions to eliminate the costly expenditures of implementing physical servers. In addition, this removes the unseen costs of maintenance. Maintaining your own physical servers can lead to very common, expensive, and unforeseen hardware issues. For example, hard drive failure, power supply upkeep, running out of drive space, unable to expand compute or memory resources, and annoying fan failures, are all easily resolved by moving to a cloud environment.

‘Going Serverless’ aims to move your organization to a operational expense model for your information technology needs. Large capital expenditures on servers become a thing of the past. In addition, you know that you have the correct amount of resources at your disposal and can add more as needed.  Not to mention, no longer pay for unneeded compute power, extra hardware core licensing, unused drive space lost to RAID configs, and the electric bill for running a server 24/7!

PaaS Model

Utilizing Microsoft Azure, Giga-Green Technologies can virtualize and migrate your server workloads to a properly sized cloud virtual machine. This includes Windows Servers, Linux/Ubuntu servers, virtual desktop environments, and remote desktop environments can be migrated to a cloud based virtual machines! Utilizing this Platform-as-a-Service model, Azure becomes your home for acquiring compute resources. As a result, you are only a few clicks away from adding drive space, more cores and memory, or even a whole new server!

SaaS Model

Still need Active Directory functionality but want to retire all your Windows Servers? Would you rather manage your organization through a web portal? We can make that a reality! Using Azure Active Directory, in combination with the Microsoft M365 suite of products, it is possible to run a completely Software-as-a-Service environment. Completely remove server licensing and replace it with only end user licensing. Altogether, this is an ideal model for small to medium organizations.  This includes any business with an extensive remote workforce that wants to offer a secure and productive software package, uniting their workers. We can retire your domain controllers and maintain group policy level administration of the environment. Even better, Microsoft Intune allows for easy and quick remote installation of software applications that simplify your device deployments!

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