Automation and Datacenter Management

Giga-Green’s System Center Managed Service optimizes your datacenter and desktops, and then provides weekly checkups and reporting. Choose between the low touch Standard plan or the high touch Premium plan to tailor the cost and benefits to your organization’s needs.

Standardize OS deployment

Maintain a consistent Windows OS across all of your PCs so that you can streamline—and reduce the cost of—user support. Re-imaging individual devices can be done in minutes so you can set a time limit of troubleshooting before simply re-image the troublesome device. Windows OS standardization also ensure compatibility when rolling out new software and updates.

Deploy applications quickly and efficiently

Deploy applications to every device in your organization at once quickly and easily. Rolling out a new version of Office or a new soft-phone client is a breeze; or make non-essential applications available on demand via the Software Center without requiring administrative privileges. Or remove an outdated or otherwise troublesome application.

Keep everything up to date

Take Windows Updates and anti-virus/malware definitions update automation to the next level. We will ensure that your devices are up to date and protected as well as execute your long-term update ring plan is executed. If you have Microsoft Intune we will also ensure that your policies are up to date as well. We will also keep your staff and management up to date with detailed reporting.

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