Custom Application Development

Custom application development encompasses a wide range of services. The Giga-Green team can help you make a variety of scenarios a reality.

Line of Business (LOB) Applications

Do you have a custom work flow or need specialized software to complete a task, but there is nothing commercially available? We can develop a custom application for that.

Integration Services

Unless you need a very specialized line of business application, there is probably a commercially available solution out there for you. But it is unlikely that your entire of stack of applications come with native integrations between each other.

This is where our integration services come into play. We can help you integrate two separate services to make them both more effective.

Data Integration

Data integration applications are a specialized application that takes data from two databases and combines them into one or synchronizes both. Data can also be processed in some way if necessary.

API Integration

Do you have a database full of valuable information, but no one can access it? An API integration application allows you to make that information available through web services (with the appropriate security measures in place, of course).

Once you have a proper API in place you can process and monetize your data as you see fit.

Extension services

Are you paying for a solution that is only getting the job done, or is missing a key piece of functionality? That is where our extension services come in to play. We can help you extend your existing applications to meet your needs.

Some examples are custom CRM and ERP functionality, browser extensions, and much more!

Mobile Applications

Do you have a great idea for a mobile application? The Giga-Green team can help you make that idea a reality!

Or perhaps your idea is less grandiose, and you just need a way to keep your customers informed and engaged. The cost of these simple applications has come down significantly in the last 10 years so a special app for your event or conference may be a worthwhile investment.

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