Enterprise Mobility

For my first blog post, I wanted to stick with something very familiar to me but rather new to the general public. Let’s talk about Enterprise Mobility.

What is it?

Every day, new laptops, computers, and mobile devices are recycled and upgraded. This device turn over occurs for both businesses and personal usage. It is an unstoppable trend in technology, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be controlled and monitored. Enterprise Mobility, specifically the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite, is a set of technologies used to manage yet empower your workforce to be mobile while still securing your organization’s data.

Why go mobile?

Here is the main reason: “According to a new forecast from International Data Corporation (IDC), the U.S. mobile worker population will grow at a steady rate over the next five years, increasing from 96.2 million in 2015 to 105.4 million mobile workers in 2020. By the end of the forecast period, IDC expects mobile workers will account for nearly three quarters (72.3%) of the total U.S. workforce.” https://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS25705415

All right, so maybe the bandwagon effect isn’t the right reason to go mobile, but the article does give plenty of reasons backed with data.

Workforce mobility is an emerging trend and will continue to grow. It increases productivity and in turn profits. Being able to do the work you need to do, where you need to do it, will never stop being a priority.

My more personal reason? It is a requirement for me and most employees to be trusted and have certain freedoms while on the job. I am more willing and hardworking when I know that I can perform my professional duties while still maintaining my individual freedoms. Empower your workforce, but protect your data!

How it works?

Microsoft, and other vendors such as Okta and Vmware, offer individual software and technologies bundled together to allow your employees to access their programs, files, data, and web applications in an easy yet secure manor.

Depending on the platform, this is done through local agent installs on company computers and mobile devices or in Microsoft’s case, integration into their Azure Active Directory. All do come with Single Sign-on integration but may require additional infrastructure depending on your current environment.

More information about the EMS package from Microsoft here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/cloud-platform/enterprise-mobility-security

Have a great day and wish you bug free week!

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